Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today I wrote the first in what will likely become a long, pointless, futile diatribe of my pathetic frustrations.

Day 1: Maryland Fried Chicken.

To whom it may concern,

Apologies if I have not located the correct department for my query, however given that my issue does include air pollution and quality I felt it appropriate. I am writing with some concern regarding the Narborough Road branch of Fast Food ‘restaurant’ Maryland Chicken. I live nearby the establishment and have for some time had an concerns.

My first issue relates to the amount of waste and litter that the shop produces. The area surrounding the shop, which is largely residential, is more or less perpetually camouflaged with a checking of rotten chicken carcass and Maryland brand boxes and containers. Admittedly, the proper disposal of waste and litter is a social responsibility; however I do believe that the proprietors of Maryland Chicken are to a degree accountable for using such excessive packaging. Perhaps they could be advised to use less, or a more biodegradable packing alternative?
My other, and more immediate concern, is more of a thorny issue. Given that this branch of Maryland Chicken has been given license to virtually never close, I now have to live in a world that smells eternally of a rancid cocktail of mutated poultry and rancid fat. A dense fug rich with the bitter aftertaste of depravity, disappointment and failure hangs in the air following me around like a malevolent hooded man.

I am under no delusion of how fried chicken is made; I work in the city centre which is a relative hot-spot for fried chicken takeaways and ‘restaurants’, yet none of this have such offensive or challenging aromas. I am very concerned about the pungent stench that this particular restaurant exudes; and this is why I write. I believe that whatever ventilation system the restaurant has is either not working correctly, or is insufficient.

I would be grateful if someone could check that the ventilation in the restaurant is sufficient for their needs, as the current heat we’re experiencing is resulting in further exacerbating the already dire situation and may well result in my gagging or voluntary asphyxiation when nearby…which is daily.

Yours sincerely,

Tiernan Welch MBE

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