Sunday, June 28, 2009

Letter to the Guardian regarding late Theatre Practitioner 'Augusto Boal'

Dear Sir/Madame,

Whilst I read with interest your recent obituary of Augusto Boal, I am keen to add my own perspective. In my (as yet unpublished) third year dissertation paper I made, what I feel to be extremely relevant and prescient points regarding the great man's work. It may be appropriate for the Guardian to serialise the aforementioned opus (2:2) which will undoubtedly shed new and invigorating light on Boal's legacy.

May I, as an opening salvo quote myself: ''Augusto Boal; while he didn't necessarily do any good, he certainly didn't do any harm.''

I look forward to your anticipatory reply.

Yours in mutual grief,

Tiernan Welch BA Hons