Saturday, July 11, 2009

Captain Birdseye is a marked man

Dear Captain Birdseye,

I feel I must write to you to express my feelings towards your new advertising campaign for your 'Reggae Reggae Chicken grill's.

Reggae Reggae Chicken Chargrills from Birds Eye

Though I understand that you are trying to portray that your new chicken chargrills embody the vitality and of the West Indies I believe that you have inadvertently started a race war. First off, the chargills themselves represent little more than a tired stereotype, as unforgivable as Jar Jar Binks. But my main indignation is with how the non-reggae reggae chicken piece both conducts itself and how it is mocked by its poultry based peers. For instance, when this forsaken chicken piece depicted as pasty, white and arid attempts to join in with his this muscular and bronzed counterparts it is condemned and patronisingly told 'Forget it man' for merely trying to participate.

Perhaps you were juxtaposing the coating of reggae reggae sauce in one chargill with another metaphorically smothered in apathy, but I am under little illusion that the outcasted piece of chicken is meant to represent the British Middle classes and for this reason I wish to air my concerns. Rasism, Captain Birdseye works both ways. I'm sure you, as a man of Her Majesty's Royal Navy and will understand my concern at this level of cultural insensitivity.


Tiernan Welch


jobe said...

Racist bastards

jobe said...

I'll stick my white cock up their reggae reggae rectum.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedley. Saw the advert and googled it, this post was the only voicing the same concerns held by myself. How can Birdseye think this is acceptable.
I am going to make a formal complaint and have the advert stopped.

Weikie said...

I'm still perplexed as to why we should trust a captain of the /sea/ with chicken. That's like getting a blacksmith to cobble your shoes, or a prostitute to ...make a suit of ...armour...and install a wireless router.x

Anonymous said...

A prostitute installing a wireless router. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing

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