Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My career move

Dear Brighter Pictures/Endemol Productions,

I have been watching big brother for a decade. In this time I have become very familiar with the format, the fame and fallouts, the characters and the various presenters; however there is one aspect of the show that I am particularly attracted to - and that is the voice of 'Big Brother'. I have spent much time carefully considering my approach but fetl that the best and most effective method would be to simply ask, so without any further ado I propose that I should be given the opportunity to be a Big Brother voice on the next series. Hell, I'd even do your 'Celebrity Big Brother' as a kind of 'warm up' act.

I appreciate that one would need more credentials to become a Big Brother voice than just being a fan, I understand that it is hard work, that it is emotionally, as well as physically tiring. I appreciate that, as part of the role I would frequently be expected to disregard my ethics, morals and better judgement and act coldly and callously - this my friend, this should present no problem whatsoever.

Conversely, having seen the programme I am aware that the role of Big Brother requires compassion and mediation. That I would be dealing with unstable people, frequently with sensitive issues within a highly unusual, forced and claustrophobic environment. To this, I would like to assure you that I have years of experience working with vulnerable young people and their families dealing with complex personal and emotional issues. And, additionally I am undertaking a Masters and will shortly be a qualified Counsellor.

Furthermore, though you are unable to appreciate it in this written offering; I have a very pleasant speaking voice, which I know is of paramount importance. It's a subtle blend of elocuted Northern Irish with non-regional and familiar Anglicized overtones brought on by living in England for the past 9 years - think Irish Ewan McGregor, but better. But I'm no hack! God no, as I also have experience with acting, TV and voice-over work.

I was told recently that the voices of big Brother were likely to be those of the shows producers, and though I do not a financial stake in the show, I believe that ten years of viewing is investment enough.

Should you wish to ring to discuss the matter further I would be delighted to hear from you,

Tiernan Welch
077_ ____ ___

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