Friday, May 07, 2010

TV go home.

Oi hi!

I don't pretend to have much understanding of socio-economics, to me 'credit crunch' simply sounds like a delicious new brand of cereal. One thing that I have noticed, however is that since the dawn of flat screen televisions; like so many things in life size is unquestionably linked to status.

We can look back at history and can easily identify these symbols, the pyramids and castles which were built as measures of wealth, status and power. More recently it was small mobile phones and big cars but now, now it is the television which is clearly a modern day version of this cursed vanity. I myself feel inadequate with my mere 32'' standing next to friends with their enormous 42 inches - so big they needs both hands just to hold them. Indeed the Television represents a crude cultural measuring stick which you can assess by malevolently strolling past and staring into someone's front room and gazing longingly in at the draining neo glow.

Additionally, and rather sadly, it appears that the biggest televisions tend to be owned by those people that are in the worst position to pay for them. To this end, immoral and unethical companies such as Brighthouse are able to charge ludicrous APRs to deluded souls who believe blindly they must possess these symbols of prosperity.

Which brings me to ask why Leicester City Council, did you find it either necessary to build this, the world's biggest flat screen television in the centre of the city? I can only assume that you were aiming to recreate a familiar 'living room' feeling for the cities unemployed so that they would never need to be without daytime TV? Or perhaps, you wanted Leicester to live up to its unofficial title as 'England's waiting room' by furnishing it with a television suitable for 300,000 impatient customers to keep half an eye on. Or was, like I have mentioned above, a ruse to make an arrogant and unconvincing suggestion of prosperity and success?

Quite sincerely, I don't know why you don't just be done with it and start to show Jeremy Kyle followed by repeats of cash in the attic and the Gilmore girls. Give the people what they want.

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You say what we are all thinking!

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