Monday, November 29, 2010

My heart is too heavy for hand luggage

bmibaby customer relations
PO BOX 737​62
Castle Donington
DE74 2XP​
23rd November 2010

Passengers: Tiernan Welch & ****** *******,
ref: H2S5BB

Good afternoon,

I am somewhat frustrated that there is no longer a method of accessing your customer service over the telephone. Add to this my confusion that you, an on-line travel company no longer accept correspondence by e-mail. But, as requested by your website I have written to you detailing my concerns and I hope that you will be able to deal with my concerns swiftly and efficiently.

Last week I booked two flights from East Midlands to Belfast for my partner and I to return home for Christmas, due to depart on Tue 21 at 17:00 and return 15:05. As it is Christmas I opted to check a bag in however, given that I travel lighter than my partner, I put the check-in bag under her name.

Sadly, since I booked the glights my partner and I have broken up and she will not be coming with me and I was wondering first off if there is any provision to get a refund on the seat I booked for her? If not I'll enjoy the extra leg room, but as it is Christmas I expect the seats will be in high demand. Also, would be able to transfer the check-in bag from her name to my own?

Thank you.

Actually, there was one other thing which I could really do with your help on. Do you think it’s my fault? The break-up, do you think that its something I’ve done? I mean, there weren’t any signs to speak of, and I thought that things were going really well. We got on and the people around us would revel and bask in what I felt was the warmness of our mutual love. I have always been considerate and kind, never aggressive or violent and have never strayed been unfaithful so do you its possible to just fall out of love? And, as Prince Charles asked - what is love? Is it something tangible and real? Or is the grief which I’m feeling merely a chemical reaction in my brain which I’m confusing with fear of never finding someone as well suited to me? I accept that its going to be difficult. We were together for many years and, after all the hottest love always has the coldest end. I’ve listened to a lot of good advice and will continue ‘to take everyday as it comes’ whilst acknowledging that ‘it’ll get easier’ and so on. My family and friends have been so supportive too, but still there’s this knot in my stomach; this immense sadness which descends and holds me down like a sad little Incubus.

I worry; do you think that we have one great love? Have I missed the boat? Instead of writing this should I be out there winning her back or do I accept her decision that things are just over. Can love be mended, or as Wilde said, was the heart made to be broken?

Goodness, where did that some from? Imagine, if you had a phone number we’d have probably have resolved this in two minutes…

Please advise the best course of action.

Please do not take this as notice of cancellation of my flight.

Many thanks,

T. Welch